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Building a new home, remodeling your present home or even changing out your hot water heater, air conditioning unit or painting your home is a major investment. As you begin planning to build or improve your home there are important steps you should take to ensure that your investment is a wise one and that you are protected from loss or disappointment.

5 Tips When Hiring a Contractor

Get estimates from at least 3 different contractors for the same job to compare prices. Remember the cost of materials and quality of materials will affect the bid. A low bid based on inferior materials may not be any bargain, so consider more than the price alone. Be sure the estimate specifies the total price, the terms of payment, the kind of materials to be used and the expected time it will take to complete the job

Be aware of special prices because of left over materials, other jobs in the neighborhood or discounts if you agree to get the other customer.

Resolving Problems

If you have problems you should first try to resolve them with the contractor before making the final payment. You may contact the local building inspector for assistance in resolving workmanship and code violations.

Small Claims Court is another alternative if the dispute involves a sum within their jurisdiction.

At MSBIA, our mission is to ensure a successful environment for the building industry and to advocate for a better community. We are here to assist and educate the consumer. Your safety is our first concern.

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