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Effective Monday, March 23, Sarasota County’s Permitting Center and Utilities Customer Services at 4000 S. Tamiami Trail will move temporarily to 1001 Sarasota Center Blvd., Sarasota.

Customers are encouraged to conduct business by using any of the phone, email and online service options. Customers who come in-person will experience increased wait times and will be health screened. You can find basic information about any of the following services by typing what you need in the HOW MAY WE HELP YOU box on the home page of

You can also visit the link below for up to date info on the Building Division and for links/phone numbers/etc. for electronic service delivery:

SARASOTA COUNTY: Occupied Structures Inspections Update

1. Window and Door installations in occupied structures will be suspended that cannot be inspected from the outside of the structure. Inspections will need to be scheduled during acceptable operational periods prior to hurricane season.

2. Plumbing Re-pipes - owner/contractor take photos and/or videos to be shared via email or attached to the permit card for inspector to verify minimum code

3. Pool Safety- Occupied structures- The inspector will remain outside of the
structure. When window/door alarms are chosen as the pool safety option the owner/contractor will need to open each window/door to activate the audible alarm. Once activated the inspector can insure minimum code compliance. If the inspector is unable to determine compliance of all or any openings through this method or any other means the inspection will need to partial’ed less the area not able to be visually inspected. The partial will allow the pool to the filled and the outstanding item to be scheduled at a later date.

4. Pool Electrical Final- Occupied structures- If the electrical panel is inside the house have the owner/contractor take a photo/video of the panel box. PHOTOS/VIDEOS MUST INCLUDE THE BREAKER FEEDING POOL/SUB-PANEL POOL EQUIPMENT. The photo and/or video can be shared with the inspector via email or left with the permit card. If the panel is located in the garage and no photos are provided have the owner/contractor open the garage and electrical panel doors to inspect. The owner/contractor will remain in the house or outside the structure while the inspector is performing inspection.

5. Mechanical Change Out (If Air Handler is in the house)- owner/contractor take photos and/or videos to be shared via email with the inspector to verify minimum code compliance. PHOTOS MUST BE WITH PERMIT CARD ALONG SIDE AIR
HANDLER. PICTURE MUST INCLUDE MINIMUM AMPACITY, MAXIMUM BREAKER SIZE, WIRE SIZE, DISCONNECT AND CONDENSATE DRAIN. If the photos or video are unclear and the inspector cannot make a full inspection the inspection will be cancelled and scheduled for a later date. If the units are outside or in garage photos/video can be provided or the inspection can be performed.

6. Electrical Service Change- (When the panel is located within the
house/condo/habitable structure, the building is without power and the electric purveyor requires approval to energize.) Owner/contractor take a photo/video of the panel box. PICTURE MUST INCLUDE THE BONDING SCREW, MAIN BREAKER SHOWING BREAKER SIZE AND FEEDER WIRE CONNECTION TO THE MAIN BREAKER. The photo and/or video can be shared with the inspector via email or printed photos left with the permit card. If the inspector is able to verify compliance, the inspection will receive a partial to establish power only. The partial would be ok’ed for energizing and the panel would still need to be inspected at a later date for remaining code compliance. If the panel was energized prior to inspector’s arrival, then cancel the inspection and schedule for a later date.

7. Final and rough inspections in an occupied structure. (Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and building ) If the occupant/contractor can provide a clear path to improvement area and the inspector has no concerns and the area is open the inspector can perform the inspection. The inspector has the ability to cancel the inspection, if they feel unsafe or have any concerns about entering the structure. The inspection can be scheduled for a later date. Vacant structures will be inspected with normal procedures.


In order to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff the following modifications have been implemented.

Permit intake:
Our permit intake will be closed until March 25,2020 as additional protective measures are being installed within or permitting area. When it reopens staff will be remains open and staff is sanitizing work areas after each client has been served. The intake area will be limited to 5 clients at a time with the overflow being asked to leave their contact information and to wait in their cars until called. We also request that our clients utilize our online permitting for all over the counter permitting. We also request that clients use phone and email as often as possible to minimize the trips to the Division. This will address the social distancing requirement as requested.
Phone contact. 941-263-6494
Email contact:

Plan review:
Plan review is still being conducted but in office visits to discuss review comments are suspended until further notice. We request that our clients call or email questions about review comments directly with their plan reviewer.

We are still conducting inspections of all permits, but Inspectors are to ask the client if anyone in the home has been sick, ill or not feeling well if the answer to any of these questions are yes, the inspection will be canceled. We ask our clients not schedule an inspection if anyone in the home is sick, ill or not feeling well. We have instructed all staff to follow the CDC guidelines on hand washing and social distancing of 6 feet. This also applies to Code Compliance inspections.

We hope that these simple measures will allow us to continue to serve our clients during this declared pandemic and hope that with your cooperation and self-reporting of any illness, will allow us to get through this event without further controls being implemented. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 941-263-6504. I want to thank everyone for their patients during these extreme times and know that we are all in this together.

Lawrence P. Murphy
Building official
City of Sarasota

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