We the Manatee-Sarasota Building Industry Association (MSBIA) and our fishing tournament Sarasota Slam, has been implicated by association with a now infamous video of 3 young men dragging a shark by boat. The video tape footage revealed one of the men in the video was wearing one of our fishing shirts, they are not a member of the MSBIA. We are making this statement because our association has been under attack via social media, emails and phone calls from the public and from media outlets, both local and beyond. We want the public to know that the MSBIA does not stand for nor condones this type of behavior and has been swift in its actions in banning these young men from participating in the Sarasota Slam. We are providing information to the Florida State Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), and cooperating with their investigation. We will be not providing any names, or any other information, except to the appropriate authorities. We take pride that our tournament is safe and family friendly, donates a portion of proceeds to charity, and follows all NOAA and Billfish Foundation rules and regulations. We expect all anglers in the tournament to also comply with FWC Commission rules and regulations.


Testimonials from our Members

"Beyond the awesome networking  through the BIA, I have found that being a member has increased my business opportunities and as a member has offered me an outstanding level of membership benefits. I highly recommend being a member."

 -Mike Rahn, Regions Bank

"I have been a member of the HBA, now Manatee Sarasota BIA, for 17 years. Not only have I built my business with the contacts that I have made through the BIA, but I have made lifetime friends, and been given opportunity for leadership on both the local and state level of the Association. Education, and networking are the building blocks that have helped me succeed in my business, and I credit the BIA for providing these."

-Kathy Robinson, TV Home Source

“I am a member because the MSBIA connects me to all the decision makers in the construction industry.”

-Charles Johnson, Blalock Walters Attorneys at Law

“Having the opportunity to present my company and services to hundreds of contractors was a great reason to join the BIA, but being able to take part in helping the entire industry through legislative and committee action, I've found a reason to stay every year. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your business here, but having the chance to take an active role in sustaining our industry can not be found anywhere else!”

-William Smock, Gator Plumbing Inc.

“Robb & Stucky is a proud member of the Manatee Sarasota BIA. Alliances with local BIAs allow us to seize the opportunity to meet the people we want to do business with. And, by attending the BIA meetings and events, we have expanded our Sarasota area business network with not only builders but other industry related businesses. MS BIA and Robb & Stucky’s partnership is a natural win-win.”

- Whitney Pieterse, Robb & Stucky Furniture | Interiors

"White Aluminum & Windows have been members of the BIA for more than 30 years. We have found that our involvement has been without measure. The protection and continual education for the builder and suppliers ( as well as the home owner) has been second to none. We look forward to continual working membership with the BIA and Future Builders of America."

- Eugene Gundlach, White Aluminum & Windows
“Thank you to the great team at the BIA for your excellent work helping us spread the word about our local building efforts and on the business side keeping us up to-date with the important changes affecting our industry every day. The professionalism and dedication you and all of the BIA team members show each and every time we have interacted with you these past thirteen years is greatly appreciated by me and everyone at Arthur Rutenberg Homes / Nelson Homes, Inc.”

- Joe Dweck , Arthur Rutenberg Homes / Nelson Homes, Inc.

“I have been an active member of the MSBIA since 1979. In all of those 34 years there has not been a single year that I have not more than covered the cost of my membership through sales. The key is you must be active and participate in BIA sponsored events. In addition the BIA has also been a very good educational connection for me to learn about the construction industry and the politics involved at the local & state levels. If we do not support the BIA membership and participation then the BIA can not be our voice in support of our fine industry. Be a part of our BIA team.”

-Ken Patton, Arne Carlson Insurance

“Our membership has enabled us to grow existing relationships, and facilitated new ones. Enhanced relationships will certainly help our business grow over time.”

-Bill Waddill, ASLA, AICP, Kimley-Horn and Associates

“Being a member of MSBIA has been very rewarding for Two Trails. It has allowed us to meet many new clients as well as giving us the opportunity to have a voice and make a difference in the building industry.”

-Drew Smith, Two Trails

"As the nation’s number one new construction lender, it’s important we stay in front of our customers, and we’re also up to date with trends in the industry, as well as the word on the street. Being a part of the local BIA helps us accomplish all of those things."

- Matthew Watkins, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“I have been a member of the local builders association for almost 25 years. I can honestly say that almost every business opportunity I have had in that time has been as a result of a relationship I had at the BIA. I have made lifelong friends, learned much about our industry, and have had every minute of time I invested multiplied and returned to me. I can’t imagine why anyone would be in our industry or a related industry and not be a member.”

- David C. Hunihan, Emerald Homes

“We participate in other local trade organizations, but the BIA by far has had the greatest positive impact on our business. The association provides us with opportunities to network, meet potential customers all while supporting our industry.”

- Matthew Jones, Ferguson Enterprises

“I have been an active member of Manatee-Sarasota BIA for more than 20 years/my entire business career in Southwest Florida. I have served on the board of directors on several occasions.  I am also a Life Director and a Past 2nd Vice President. In my opinion, this organization is one of the strongest and most effective real estate trade association of any industry/community trade group in the Manatee and Sarasota communities. The business relationships and friendships that I have made throughout these many years, have proven to be invaluable, both from a personal and business standpoint.

This Association is tuned in to the needs of our communities, politically, with businesses and most importantly, committed to maintaining quality of life, protecting our natural resources, and playing a significant role in fulfilling the "American dream of Home Ownership!”

If you are an active business person in Manatee and Sarasota, the Manatee-Sarasota Building Industry Association is a "must membership". Remember to...your personal active involvement is key, membership is just the beginning.”

-Howard Nelson, BB&T

"Being a member of the Manatee-Sarasota BIA has introduced my business to the licensed builders and re modelers that I can trust to refer business too and from whom I can generate leads for the sales of mobility and accessibility equipment necessary to solve access and mobility concern for the home and business owner.
The education received by participating on the remodelers council has helped me better understand issues that my business needs to address on a daily basis. I consider it vital to my business to be partners with those involved in the building trades as well as the associated members that have business interests that work in conjunction with the builders and re modelers. It has become the best way for me to build a team that understands what we do and the importance of Universal Design elements and access and mobility solutions."

- Chuck Vollmer, 101 Mobility

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