We the Manatee-Sarasota Building Industry Association (MSBIA) and our fishing tournament Sarasota Slam, has been implicated by association with a now infamous video of 3 young men dragging a shark by boat. The video tape footage revealed one of the men in the video was wearing one of our fishing shirts, they are not a member of the MSBIA. We are making this statement because our association has been under attack via social media, emails and phone calls from the public and from media outlets, both local and beyond. We want the public to know that the MSBIA does not stand for nor condones this type of behavior and has been swift in its actions in banning these young men from participating in the Sarasota Slam. We are providing information to the Florida State Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), and cooperating with their investigation. We will be not providing any names, or any other information, except to the appropriate authorities. We take pride that our tournament is safe and family friendly, donates a portion of proceeds to charity, and follows all NOAA and Billfish Foundation rules and regulations. We expect all anglers in the tournament to also comply with FWC Commission rules and regulations.


Advocacy Successes

  • Successfully lobbied both Manatee and Sarasota Counties to roll back impact fees for new construction

  • Successfully lobbied Sarasota County to review the 2050 Plan to allow new development east of
    I-75 with density of more than one unit per 5 acres.

  • Have worked to create a “MODEL” task force addressing Unlicensed Contracting in our community.

  • Successfully lobbied local jurisdictions to raise the minimum fines for “Unlicensed Contracting” from $500.00 to $2000.00 per incident.

  • Worked to support candidates in the local county and city races that understand and support the construction industry ideas and needs to allow the industry to develop and build with less regulation, excess permitting and approval time to improve profitability for our members.

  • Encouraged and lobbied MSBIA members to serve on local government advisory boards to insure that our industry has input  to issues that affect the construction industry in our community.
  • Providing CEU classes with local building officials and DBPR on new building codes passed by state legislation.

  • Working with Sarasota County on changes to their comprehensive plans to prevent difficult revisions.

  • Addressing Manatee County on revisions & updates to their land development regulations.

  • Lobbying for amendments to fiscal neutrality for Sarasota County’s 2050 plan.

  • Addressing & lobbying for fair impact and mobility fees in both Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

  • Will address permit fees in Sarasota County and lobbying for lower permit fees after the fee study concludes.

  • Lobbying at the state level to prevent onerous building code revisions.

Thank you to our

2017 Premier Annual Sponsors: